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Give Your Face Contour & Shape with Sculptra

Sculptra Treatment

An interesting injectable filling agent, Sculptra was approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in 2008 after significant clinical trials conducted in the US and Europe. This unique product, when injected just below the skin, stimulates new collagen formation; resulting in dermal thickening, plus improvement in overlying skin laxity, wrinkles, and textural improvement to the skin.

In addition, Sculptra can be used for volume enhancement of the face to improve hollow areas such as the temples, undereye region, lateral face, and around the mouth area similar to other injectable fillers. Just like the autogenous fat transfer, Sculptra enhances volume and can even achieve subtle skeletal augmentation of the face when desired.

Sculptra Procedure

A series of about three injections using one or two vials for treatment six weeks apart is usually required for optimal results. In such cases, the effects of Sculptra can last more than two years. This procedure can be easily performed in the office setting since local anesthetic is incorporated in the injection of Sculptra. Proper dilution and postoperative - plus massage performed at the time of injections and at home by the patient - are important to obtain optimal results and avoid small palpable bumps called papules after the treatment.

In the hands of an experienced injector, Sculptra provides a unique combination of dermal rejuvenation and restoration as well as volume enhancement when desired.


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