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Smooth & Tighten Your Skin

New to Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery Center, ThermiRF is an aesthetic device that uses temperature-controlled radio frequency; allowing us to treat skin issues with temperature as a clinical end point.

Capable of performing two separate procedures, the ThermiRF system can be used for both skin tightening and resurfacing.


ThermiTight is a skin tightening procedure performed with the ThermiRF system. ThermiRF is the first aesthetic technology that uses thermistor-regulated radio frequency energy to achieve desired cosmetic results. The ThermiRF system also uses a tiny treatment probe to gently heat specific tissues to a predetermined therapeutic temperature.

With ThermiRF, we apply a controlled amount of thermal energy to targeted tissue. The tip of the tiny probe provides constant feedback of the actual temperature during treatment. An infrared camera is also used to monitor skin temperature to ensure that your treatment is both safe and effective.

The ThermiTight procedure usually lasts under an hour. Afterward, a gentle wrap is applied. Patients are then able to resume their usual activities the next day.



ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive procedure which uses radio frequency for improving skin laxity. It is ideal for treating the problem areas around the eyes, mouth, cheeks, and neck.

Using the ThermiRF device, the doctor gently heats the skin surface using controlled RF energy which stimulates collagen remodeling.

Generally, a series of 3-4 treatments are required to achieve the best results but there is no down time, and ThermiSmooth is a gentle, non-invasive procedure. Many patients report the procedure feels just like a warm massage.

ThermiRF provides a truly precise and safe delivery system that acutely directs the proven science of tissue heating to therapeutic targets to produce meaningful and safe cosmetic results.

For more information concerning ThermiRF Skin therapy treatments from Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery Center, or to schedule your personalized appointment, please call us 309-589-3223.

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