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Cosmetic Surgery in Peoria, IL

Below is a list of facial plastic surgery procedures we perform to correct common medical problems.

At Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery Center, we offer face and neck services, scar revision, and more. Discover how cosmetic surgery can improve your appearance. Our surgeon has years of experience performing minimally invasive procedures and face and neck services. 

Focusing on the Face

Many clients come to us looking to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. These lines may be especially noticeable around the mouth and forehead. For this, we offer a variety of chemical peel procedures. Superficial peels focus on the outer skin layer, eradicating dead skin cells for a fresh, clean look. They require the least amount of healing time for most patients. Medium depth peels will penetrate the upper to mid-skin layers, improving skin tone and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Those who require a deeper level of skin tightening and a reduction of lines and wrinkles might opt for the deep chemical peel.

Caring for Your Neck

Lines and sagging skin around the neck are concerns for many people. Our neck liposuction procedure addresses this concern. By reshaping fatty deposits into a more aesthetically pleasing look, we sculpt the neck. As part of the post-operative care, patients may wear a compression garment for a few days following the procedure.

Other Procedures for the Face and Neck

We offer several other facial and neck procedures for clients of all ages. A brow lift may minimize the appearance of forehead wrinkles, which become common as one ages. It also corrects drooping eyebrows that tend to give a person a tired or sad expression. Procedures such as lip enhancement may correct vertical lines around the mouth, while facial scar revisions are designed to minimize scars from burns and other trauma to the face and neck.

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