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What is botox?

Botox Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) is a purified neurotoxin complex which acts as a nerve impulse "blocker." When injected in small concentrations and volumes into hyperdynamic facial muscles, Botox Cosmetic causes a temporary weakness or paresis of the muscle, as well as progressive atrophy. Because of this, Botox Cosmetic was initially used for treatment of neuromuscular twitching disorders.

However, patients that were injected with this agent also noticed a significantly refreshed and happier look because of weakening of the frown muscles, and at times some medial eyebrow elevation. Consequently, Botox has been used to treat hyperdynamic muscle creases and frown lines in the following areas:

  • Glabella (frown lines)
  • Forehead
  • Crow's Feet
  • "Bunny" Lines (nose)
  • Lip Lines
  • Drooping Corners of the Mouth
  • Neck Lines

The Effects of Botox

The effects of Botox last approximately four months, but this can vary from three to six months. Repeated injections may result in more prolonged benefits. The clinical effects are often quite dramatic and can also be improved with injectable collagen fillers or laser resurfacing. The technique has been performed on thousands of patients with the most frequent side effects being short-lived transient headache or irritation at the injection site.

Botox cannot replace the dramatic effects that can be obtained with certain endoscopic procedures, but it is a very effective treatment for localized facial problems, as noted above. A brief consultation is required for this procedure.

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